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Match report: Bolton 1XV vs Broughton Park

Match report: Bolton 1XV vs Broughton Park

Jill Rowbotham6 Feb - 09:53
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Written by Charlie Mee

With the game between Bolton and Broughton Park kicking off at 2:15, both teams realised it wasn’t going to be an easy match in any regard. Conditions weren’t ideal, as the wind forced both teams to play a more forward-centric style of play.

However, the backs were still able to contribute a great amount in terms of ferrying the ball out to the width of the pitch and managing to make yards along the pitch. Man of the match went, very deservedly, to Paul Leigh, who made huge contributions with his carrying of the ball and ability to break tackles despite Broughton Park’s best efforts.

With the final score ending 43-12, both teams left the pitch battered and bruised but with a sense of satisfaction knowing they gave all their effort to the game. Frustrated as they were, the Bolton team recognised their mistakes that lead to such a wide gap in terms of the result, and will most certainly work on these areas at both training sessions in the week.

Despite the score, both teams would agree that the opposition put up a good fight and the effort was clearly visible to those watching. Bolton are prepared to commit to the game through ensuring they train, and are hoping for a better result in their next game.

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